Twin Cities
  • Bologna, Italy

    Act of friendship between the executive committee of Kharkiv city council and the Council of Bologna municipality was signed on the 5th of August of 1966

  • BRNO, Czech Republic

    Declaration of intents of cooperation between Kharkiv (Ukraine) and the statutory city Brno (Czechia) was signed on the 12th of April of 2005

  • VARNA, Bulgaria

    The treaty of relations between Kharkiv and Varna and was signed on the 25th of August of 1995. The renewed Treaty of continuing friendship relations and cooperation in trade and economic, science and technical, humanitarian and cultural areas was signed on the 16th of August of 2002.

  • WARSAW, Poland Republic

    The Agreement of friendship and cooperation between Kharkiv and Warsaw was signed on the 2nd of February of 2011.

  • DAUGAVPILS, Latvia

    The Declaration of intents of cooperation between Kharkiv, Ukraine and Daugavpils, Latvian Republic was signed on the 6th of February of 2006.

  • LILLE, France

    The treaty of twin relations between Lille and Kharkiv was signed in September of 1978. The renovated Treaty was signed on the 6th of June of 1998.

  • NUREMBERG, Germany

    The Agreement of twin relations between Kharkiv and Nuremberg was signed on the 29th of April of 1990. The renewed Treaty of twin relations was signed on the 7th of July of 1999.

  • Poznan, Poland Republic

    The Agreement of cooperation between Poznan and Kharkiv was signed on the 24th of September of 1998.